How we Harvest Honey from our Bee Hives

From the Experts After reading the last post I’m sure your interest is probably piqued, wondering how in the world we harvest so much organic honey without being stung! First off, I said that I haven’t gotten stung…but that doesn’t mean our beekeeper friend, Derek Abello hasn’t! As I mentioned before, Derek owns and operates […]

Welcome to Shine Hollow Ranch

Here at Shine Hollow we grow all different kinds of trees and produce on our 70+ acre farm. We specialize in pears, strawberries, and almonds. But the food that I’m most proud of (that has a certain amount of danger to it) but comes to us the easiest is…honey! Honey and bees only made sense […]

Solar Power!

Can I go Solar? Of course you can!  It is not as complicated as it was a few years ago.  There are companies that will purchase solar panels for you and take percentages of your payment back from the energy companies.  Then there are the full fledged Do it yourself “DIY” solar set ups that […]