Farm Life

For an ex city slicker…or suburb slicker really since I was raised in small developments but not quite a big city building.  For me becoming a farm guy was tricky.  Instead of being raised on a farm, though California has plenty of farm area, I grew up in the suburban life.  Never really wanted for anything and had lots of play time.  Since my Dad was busy working and usually had the help of my older brother I was able to basically skim through my childhood into adulthood not learning a whole lot of anything other that what I learned in School.  Then I got married and found the desire to become independent and “going off the grid” spoke volumes to my soul.  I moved out into the country and bought an old farm.

Figuring it out

I figured out really quickly, I actually had to figure it out.  We quickly grew our little farm from nothing to sheep and goats, a few cattle, chickens, an apiary, and even some Tilapia fish (Hydroponics style)!  You can read more acout that here.  There is nothing like going from being responsible for no one and nothing but yourself to having a huge farm to take care of…I mean they are up in the morning whether you are or not and those animals need tending to whether you want to or not.  So it was a rude awakening for my young body until it pretty much became routine.  It became easier and easier with time.  It even got to the point where I could plan vacations from the farm and have everything still work like clockwork.


Though I was against the evil technology machine for a while, having a really outdated cell phone for years, and even a couple years not having my own, just bumming off of others and using land lines.  I eventually grew to appreciate the abilities modern conveniences bring to your life.  Automatic water, automatic feeders, and even nice electric fencing to keep those animals in their place has really brought me into the 21st century.  Now I’m even blogging about my life.

Farm life blog

Occasionally you will read about my various adventures on here but for the most part this blog will just be an outlet for my creative mind to wander, and even tell a few stories.  That being said I will sprinkle in some fictional stories here and their to hopefully craft nice reading material for you. I hope you take a moral or two away from here is well, especially since I really hope to inspire you and yours to truly break free into this hollowed space.