Food of life

What else can I say?  Have your own Garden of Eden.  There is an incredible film called Back To Eden which has greatly inspired my approach to gardening.  It is a way to conserve water and really grow amazing food.  Gardening really has been done a certain way for years, and even in the Bible talks about plowing the earth, but this is amazing to see how to work less and do better!  I personally think this is the way Jesus would want it done.  He seemed to come and make everything easier for all humanity.


There are definitely seasons for growing in all areas across the world, but there are other books out there that promote gardening year round and ways to make this possible.  Green houses for instance is one incredible way to achieve awesome results.  But there is also something fun about eating foods in season.


Soil is very complex and very simple.  The simple part is nutrients to feed your plants.  Chicken, cattle, duck, basically all the feces from these animals makes it a great fertilizer and of course wood chips!  For more about livestock check out my page here, livestock.