They are such a wonderful part of creation.  There is just no way that these complex animals have so much complexity to them without being simply fascinating.  I’ve watched baby goats being born and baby chicks, even a baby goose be born.  It is quite the incredible feat to watch them grow and thrive and very pleasing to even watch them eat.


There is a lot to be thankful for, but the turkey is definitely one of the best gifts Providence has given us.  These plump sweet creatures sure to make funny noises and even make a very fun part of the livestock on the farm.  Though the breeds I had were always big for eating, they also tended to be a little on the dumber side.  One heritage breed I had got himself stuck and needed to be freed.  I mean I was angry and upset because we thought we had lost him to a coyote or some other predator wild dog.  Slaughtering is not the funnest for sure, and I hate having to kill such a wonderful creature, but if you want to eat meat, I think it’s best to do the killing yourself.  It definitely gave me and continues to give me a deeper respect for the animal life especially since I raised it, fed it, watered it, kept it warm.


Talk about some funny, crazy, and even make you hopping mad angry animals.  Goats are those creatures that just seem to have a wonderful sense to be free and do what they want, but tend to disregard the limitations you put on them along with that attitude.  I kept mine fenced in a nice pen and took them out into the open areas to graze.  While grazing is when I began to appreciate their wonderful life.  The babies would jump and kick and flip and just run all over having a grand old time.  While the older adults wound just munch and munch and munch.  Loads of fun especially with the kids.


Now cows are definitely interesting.  And I’ve come to learn quite a lot about them.  They are very nice docile creatures that can do a lot of work and still provide a great amount of food, clothing and even entertainment.  Now the normal standard American cow is the Holstein.  A beautiful black and while cow that is very pleasing to raise.  Now this has typically been the milk cow for a long time; however, recently I’ve discovered that the Jersey cow is a better milking cow. This is because of the genetics of the A2 protein found in the milk that apparently helps with the digestion of the milk through the body.  These properties are a lot like the properties found in goat milk, which a lot of people prefer for their children today, and is really a very popular milk source worldwide.


Now the flying insects are an amazing part of the farm.  There are blister beetles, dung beetles, wasps, flies, and every type of bee looking creature you can imagine.  The Carpenter, the honey, and then the weird little green ones, black ones and all kinds of other bees that are just plain interesting.  They are definitely fun to watch pollinate the flowers around the farm and I just simply love watching them do so.  One time I put a little bit of honey on my finger and placed it near one of them to let them suck the honey off my finger as I watched.  Very very cool.  There is nothing quite like the bees.  I have become a beekeeper and started to enjoy watching their patterns.  They like to fly up and straight to where they need to go, this can be water, food, or home.  They don’t tend to fly at people in clouds like the cartoons suggest. To learn more about my experience with the bees on the farm go to my bees page.