Solar Power!

Can I go Solar?

Of course you can!  It is not as complicated as it was a few years ago.  There are companies that will purchase solar panels for you and take percentages of your payment back from the energy companies.  Then there are the full fledged Do it yourself “DIY” solar set ups that are quite simple to build.  They can be time consuming but for the most part are straight forward.   For information on an interesting solar generator click here.   Or of course go to Google, or Youtube.  What ever way you go, you will find that solar is quite the way of the future.  I personally think coal, and nuclear power is just a fine way to produce power, especially since there are so many loops that these facilities need to go through in order to maintain safety for the employees all the way to the environment.

Wind Power

Windmills are a great creation, and I just love seeing pictures of the old Dutch windmills that line the bays of Holland.  The next best thing is seeing windmills dot the country landscape.  These incredible contraptions should be on everyone’s homestead.  Of course there is the sprawling city and most governments don’t want this to be the norm since it tends to mean a independence from their grip.  Either way it is awesome, and a great way to have clean energy.


There are many water sources.  Currently in the news as there tends to be every year, there is a new drought somewhere in the world that everyone needs to freak out about.  Well since the world is about 75% water, and it’s not exactly going anywhere but through cycles, then I think it’s safe to say a drought may be a local problem like a hurricane or tornado or Tsunami is that local area’s problem.  But droughts are a little easier to handle since there is rain water to be harvested, wells to be dug, and even sea water to be desalinated.  The answer is all around us, the question is why we are limiting out water resources.


I discuss in another page here, the importance of taking care of the earth.  This is another answer that most people just simply have to buy into.  There are ways God has created this Earth to work and we can really be good stewards of this great resource he has given us.  Soil loses by erosion, being uncovered, being over-farmed and even being poisoned!  The Bible has a solution for over farming…God simply says give the land rest.  Israelites were even commanded to have a 7th year, where certain things happened and one of those was giving rest to the land.  It is interesting how important the soil of the earth is to us.  Now it is up to us, not our next door neighbor, not the government, but us to do what we can in order to truly help preserve this great earth.

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